True innovations start with a Eureka moment.

For Norman Niven, that moment came during a career spent driving patient safety and efficiency in pharmacy and care homes.

Having started his career as an independent pharmacist, Norman later became a director in BUPA’s care services division. The care sector was trapped in an age of blister packs, pill boxes, dispensers, MAR sheets and measuring spoons. Residents, patients, the elderly and those living with dementia were exposed to widespread risk of medication error.

“Voted by 85% of pharmacies as ‘better’ or ‘much better’ than any other medication management device*.”

*Survey of 189 UK pharmacies using Biodose for between three months and five years. 38% response rate. May 2013

While leading an audit of medication adherence for one of the country’s biggest care home groups, Norman devised a solution to the medication management problem. The first monitored dosage system of its kind, the Nomad system was born.

This started a chain of events which changed the way the care sector managed medication adherence forever. Nomad was the beginning, but for Norman Niven, it wasn’t the end. Administering liquid and solid mediation accurately under pressure still posed a serious problem, which Nomad could not overcome.

And with that, Biodose was born.

Five years on, Biodose is still the only MDS to contain liquid and solid medication in one pre-measured, personalised monitored dosage system. 59% of pharmacies say Biodose is ‘much better’ than any other MDS on the market. And care home managers like Biodose enough to switch from a national pharmacy chain to their local Biodose pharmacy.