Adherence in Action right now


Home to 35 residents, Dolphin Manor is a local authority care home on the outskirts of Leeds.

Dolphin Manor Care Home isn’t alone in finding the meds round a hectic affair. Even with experienced, well-trained staff on board, this home outside of Leeds was keen to act when two medication errors highlighted a possible risk to residents.

Care home manager Sonya Williamson tells us her story.

“No matter how much you invest in training, it’s very hard to avoid human error when administering medication. In spite of every effort to administer meds accurately, we recently experienced two incidents where medication was given to the wrong resident.

One incident happened during the breakfast round. It’s the biggest round of the day and we’re serving food and drink at the same time, so it’s easy for staff to get distracted. My staff member was administering meds using a blister system, taking medication from the binder and handing it to the resident.

“Switching to Biodose has given me peace of mind, knowing I’ve taken a major step in protecting residents and staff from the risks of medication error”

On this particular morning, the staff member left the meds trolley to help a resident who had tripped. When she came back to the meds round, she accidentally passed the medication to the wrong resident. With the best will in the world, this is a risk of the busy care home environment we’re working in.

Peace of mind for managers

I’m glad to say it didn’t affect the resident’s health, but it was the catalyst for me to scrutinise our processes and make sure I was doing everything possible to protect residents and staff from medication mistakes. That’s when we started using Biodose, with fantastic results.

Since switching to Biodose, we haven’t encountered any mistakes during the meds round. It’s given me and my staff enormous peace of mind knowing we have an extra safeguard in place to keep human error to a minimum.

The time saving frees my staff up to spend more time with residents. And staff enjoy the job more now – having Lactulose pre-measured into Biodose pods means they don’t have to spend hours scrubbing down sticky meds trolleys. Not having to pour liquid medication out on the round also means they aren’t constantly going back and forth to wash their hands because of sticky fingers.

“Safety was my main reason for choosing Biodose, but we’ve also cut breakfast round times by 20%”

Our local pharmacy supplying Biodose gives us outstanding service and nothing is too much trouble for them. We’ve never looked back since making the switch.”

Head of the Biodose Services Support Team, Fiona Walne, says Sonya’s experience isn’t unusual. “We visit homes all around the country who find that using Biodose makes their meds rounds much easier for both staff and service users. As each pod is individually labelled, it’s easy to check which resident it belongs to if the round does become disrupted.”