Biodose Connect TM

by Vaica

Technology-enabled care designed to assist health and independence

The Biodose Connect device consists of 28 compartments, that store and organise your medications for up to 7-days, with up to four doses a day. Biodose Connect helps you to take the right medication at the right time, by utilising tailored alerts

Enables Users to Remain Independent

Non-adherence to medication contributes to up to 8% of hospital admissions and readmissions. Our smart solution helps users to take the right medication at the right time and thereby promote self-care.

Secure and Efficient Medication Administration

Sealed, labelled and dispensed by our network of community pharmacies, each tray has individually labelled, removable pods that help users to take their medications as prescribed.

Prevents Hospital Re-admissions and Saves Local Authority Costs

In 2015, the estimated cost of medication waste to the NHS was £300 million1. Biodose Connect helps reduce these costs by preventing non-compliance of users that are Unintentional Non Adherent to their prescribed medication, which contributes to this issue and escalating Local Authority care costs.

How Connect Improves User Outcomes

  • Comes with a removable Biodose® tray that is split into 28 pods
  • Each pod holds up to 10ml of liquid medication or up to 7 solid dose medications
  • Each tray has individually labelled, removable pods that help users easily identify the correct medication
  • To reduce the risk of missing doses, tailored alertscan be created including flashing lights, customisable alarms and voice messages
  • If medication is not removed chosen contacts can receive a customised alert via text or email
  • If users aren’t taking medication as prescribed, the online dashboard can offer timely interventions to support positive outcomes.

Empowering you to ensure medication is taken at the right dose at the right time

 Real-time monitoring service

If medication is not removed from the tray after a configured time, relatives or Telecare centres receive a further customised message. Interventions will be provided according to the need and may include calling the user or the clinician.

 Compliance data at your finger tips

Available in user-friendly formats, compliance data is presented in an online dashboard as well as reports to enable clinicians to monitor and track users adherence to medication. Data highlights when doses are not removed, incorrectly removed, taken late or too early.

 Enabling independence in users

While the device stays with the user, empty trays can be re-ordered via your chosen pharmacy.