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Pods are colour coded making it easy to distinguish between different dosage times whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or evening.


Pods are treated with a silver based anti-microbial agent that protects against MRSA. Plus, Biodose reduces infection risk by eliminating the need to repeatedly open and close the same medicine bottle.

Patient photo identification on the front of each tray helps minimise medication mistakes. Identify a resident's meds at a glance to make round times more efficient.

Liquids are dispensed in pre-measured Biodose pods, meaning no more sticky fingers & trollies, spills, inaccurate dosing, or searching for spoons during the drug round.

MAR charts feature patient photos and dosage instructions for each named medication, for maximum accuracy and usability.

Every individual pod is secured with a
tamper-evident, patented seal.

Each pod can contain nine or more tablets or capsules, or 10ml of liquid medication.

Biodose. The only monitored dosage system on the market to accommodate liquid and solid medication.

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Whatever your location, we have a local Biodose representative on-hand to present Biodose to you and your staff in person.

We’re an expert team, made up of former pharmacy, care home and health sector professionals. And we understand how important MDS is to medicines optimisation and independence in old age.

Its ingenious design and easy-to-use MAR sheets really do come to life when you see Biodose first hand. So why not take fifteen minutes to let us show you why care homes and pharmacies say ours is the best MDS on the market?

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