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Biodose Connect™ to showcase its potential cost savings to the Social Care sector at key industry ev

Biodose Connect™ will showcase its potential cost savings to the Social Care sector at the National Children and Adult Services Conference in Bournemouth and the TSA International Technology Enabled Care Conference in Birmingham this month.

Taking place between 11th-17th October, our experts will demonstrate our innovative, pharmacy-led medication management solution, Biodose Connect™.  Technology-enabled care can play a vital role in helping social care providers improve efficiencies, streamline processes and enhance the quality of care that a person receives. As well as improving the delivery of care, technology can also help people to start taking control of their health condition by taking their medicines as prescribed and remain active and independent members of the community. By changing the way care is provided, the overall effect is reduced pressure on social care and the NHS using a solution that can save money, create efficiencies in service delivery whilst having a positive impact on the user’s health and wellbeing.

Biodose Connect™ is designed to support medication adherence in people who are struggling to conform to the prescribed regime for their medication, the pioneering medication management device aims to help people take the right medication, at the right dose and at the right time through its visual and audible reminders. Users are further supported through the device’s real-time adherence monitoring capability, which enables the user to be prompted remotely if a dose looks likely to be missed.

Biodose Connect™ helps meet the challenge of managing medications and means that both liquid and solid dose medications are organised into correct doses, which, when coupled with the reminder alerts simplifies the process and supports positive user outcomes. It is has been estimated that over 1 million hospital admissions each year are linked to medication issues1, combined with wastage this costs the NHS a staggering £500m plus per annum. This doesn’t include the cost to the NHS in Primary Care: the pre-admission visits to the GP; or following discharge: the additional GP time, community nursing, home visits and possible specialist care.

Biodose Connect™ has several applications and some Local Authorities are talking to us about how implementing the new solution can support them in different areas of social care including; elderly, reablement, assisted living, learning disabilities and mental health including early dementia.

Biodose Connect™ is a new option for Local Authorities and we are looking for partner Local Authorities to trial Biodose Connect™ service free of charge for three months, with a minimum of 20 users and possibly contribute to an academic review. Please contact Bryn Morgan 01260 292 840 or email



1. Health Service Journal (2017) How improved medication adherence can prevent costly medicine waste [Accessed: 29th September 2017]



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