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Enhancing medicine adherence is one of the core challenges facing the NHS.

Poor adherence has significant clinical and financial repercussions among key cohorts of patients including the elderly, mentally ill and those with long term conditions. Helping these patients adhere to multiple medication regimens in care homes, domiciliary care and primary care settings stands to significantly impact health outcomes.

In spite of this, the potential to improve adherence has been overlooked, under-resourced and has lacked investment.

The value of adherence: clinical and financial

The barriers to good adherence are complex, as is the decision about which tools, interventions and behaviours can help the NHS combat medication errors for patients falling into two camps:

  • those being 'administered to'
  • those in primary care with multiple complex regimens who self-administer medication to the best of their ability.

The one unifying factor is the need to develop a robust evidence base to inform the creation of adherence-friendly management processes.

Although there is much anecdotal evidence supporting the benefits of monitored dosage systems like Biodose, there is a need to generate robust observational evidence to take this one step further. Find out how we're taking the lead on gathering new evidence on adherence.

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